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Agreement That is Clearly Declared Illegal Under the Law of the Land is Called

In the world of law, agreements are considered as binding contracts between parties. But what happens when an agreement violates the law of the land? Such an agreement is considered illegal and is not enforceable by the legal system. This type of agreement is called an illegal agreement.

An illegal agreement is a contract that involves actions or activities that are prohibited by law. This can include actions such as drug trafficking, bribery, and fraud. In general, any agreement that violates a statute, public policy, or moral principles is considered illegal.

It’s important to note that an illegal agreement is not the same as a void agreement. A void agreement is one that is not enforceable due to a fundamental flaw in the contract itself, such as a lack of consideration or capacity. An illegal agreement, on the other hand, is one that is not enforceable because the actions or activities it involves are illegal.

Illegal agreements can have serious consequences for those involved. For instance, if two parties enter into an agreement to engage in illegal activities, both parties may face criminal charges. In addition, the contract may be declared null and void, and any money or property exchanged as part of the agreement may be subject to forfeiture.

In general, courts will not enforce illegal agreements. This is because it is in the public interest to discourage illegal activities and to ensure that the law is followed. In some cases, however, courts may allow a party to recover damages if they were not aware of the illegality of the agreement when they entered into it.

In conclusion, an agreement that is clearly declared illegal under the law of the land is called an illegal agreement. Such agreements involve actions or activities that are prohibited by law and are not enforceable by the legal system. It’s important to be aware of the laws that govern contracts and agreements to avoid getting into illegal agreements that can have serious consequences.